Jacob’s Ladder – redesigned

With the 25th anniversary of Jacob’s Ladder, Inc. approaching (in April 2016) a new site redesign was needed. Something that would be responsive, clean, and easy to navigate.

Reworking the design from a custom WordPress to a templated site was a good decision in the long run. While the custom site allowed for a certain degree of creative freedom, it did not allow for quick changes and outside editors. In addition, when the old redesign took place, responsive sites – or any mobile sites in general – were rare. Now, mobile computing is ubiquitous and if your site is not responsive, you are a dinosaur.

Jacob's Ladder redesigned

A nice feature of this site is that a majority of the photography and all of the graphic elements are created by Foxpaw Creative.


DSLCC Redesign – redesigned

DSLCC Web site

Main site: www.dslcc.edu

The main goal in this site redesign was to make the site dynamic, responsive, and “future-proofed”. Working with a design firm, I was the creative liaison for DSLCC in the redesign of our college Web site. The primary design elements (logo design, branding guidelines, layout) came from my input, and the site design was realized by the design firm. This was a unique opportunity for me to help art-direct a project, providing valuable input to the designer and developer, and as the ultimate end-user, I can say that the site performs as expected. All current content and design elements are created by me and maintained through WordPress.

One key takeaway I do have on this project was the knowledge that a preponderance of plugins (how’s that for alliteration?) is never a good thing. My knowledge of WordPress and site usability came in very handy as I was able to streamline the site and reduce lag time on page loads.

Jacob’s Ladder Website

The non-profit Jacob’s Ladder provides educational support and a summer enrichment camp for at-risk, gifted students. their site design needed to be compelling, give enough information for donors and educators, and provide an online presence for this outstanding program. Site highlights included a custom-made WordPress theme, sliding image area for photos and updates, and a news feed.

Site URL: jladder.org

Jacob's Ladder site design

In 2014, an update was needed, so a NEW template was required, one that would be responsive and allow more flexibility for the main page. A Nirvana theme was customized and tweaked and is the current site design in use.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.26.27 PM

DSLCC Website redesign

Shortly after joining DSLCC as their Website Designer/Developer and Blackboard Administrator (my days can be, well, unique and somewhat bi-polar), I undertook the task to redesign the DSLCC Website to a single template. This was a mammoth undertaking, as the site had at least three main designs running throughout and bringing everything into a single form was going to be interesting.

The main page was simplified to a scrolling slide-show of features, a scrolling news feed and large-format buttons for quick access.

DSLCC Website Redesign

site: http://www.dslcc.edu

Northern Africa and Middle Eastern Peoples

When the International Mission Board (IMB) shifted their focus from regions to people (affinity sites), all regional sites needed to be updated to the new corporate structure. The North African and Middle Eastern (NAME) people’s affinity required a new colour palette and site design in keeping with the new IMB corporate site.

In addition to the site design, I also created a “non-logo” brand for the NAME teams, which can be seen here.

With the shift of focus away from people groups at the IMB, the above-mentioned site is (sadly) no longer active.

Site redesign(s) – Western Europe Regional site

The three images below show a site design progression for the Western Europe regional site. The first two images are a before and after look at the site, while the third image shows the result of a move towards “People Group” focus.

Site as it appeared in 2006

Site redesign, circa 2007

Present site design

My involvement on the site was as follows: first design – 0%; second design – 100%; third (and existing) design – 75%

With the shift in focus away from people groups, the IMB site(s) above are (sadly) no longer active.

Beyond the Wall

Beyond the Wall (or BTW) was a small sub-site created for the International Mission Board to provide information about the Muslim faith and practitioners around the world. In addition to the site design, I also created and coded the Flash map interface.

site url: btw.imb.org courtesy the Wayback Machine, as the original site is (sadly) no longer available.

Artists Web site

Barbara Sullivan, a portrait artist in Richmond desired a web presence to broaden her client base. A consistent use of color, image accuracy (to original) and relative size were all major considerations in the design. Using straight HTML and CSS, the design is simple, yet showcases her work effectively while providing easy navigation (and no Flash).