Northern Africa and Middle Eastern Peoples

When the International Mission Board (IMB) shifted their focus from regions to people (affinity sites), all regional sites needed to be updated to the new corporate structure. The North African and Middle Eastern (NAME) people’s affinity required a new colour palette and site design in keeping with the new IMB corporate site.

In addition to the site design, I also created a “non-logo” brand for the NAME teams, which can be seen here.

With the shift of focus away from people groups at the IMB, the above-mentioned site is (sadly) no longer active.

Site redesign(s) – Western Europe Regional site

The three images below show a site design progression for the Western Europe regional site. The first two images are a before and after look at the site, while the third image shows the result of a move towards “People Group” focus.

Site as it appeared in 2006

Site redesign, circa 2007

Present site design

My involvement on the site was as follows: first design – 0%; second design – 100%; third (and existing) design – 75%

With the shift in focus away from people groups, the IMB site(s) above are (sadly) no longer active.